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FTC is All About Cruelty-Free

Image via @piggyandpolly Week after week, I write about trends, products and fashions we're currently loving, are looking forward to or simply admiring. A lot of the time, I don't make it known in our blog posts, but the gals of FTC are extremely loyal to a lot of brands and companies that are cruelty free. We are animal lovers through and through (we both consider our dogs our kids), enough so, that we NEVER carry real fur on the truck. If any of you reading this are smiling or nodding your head, then this blog post is for you! Today, we're sharing the most trusted cruelty-free clothing, products, brands and companies. _______  ++++++++ Image via Too Faced A friend...

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January Style Tips

Image via Pinterest Everyone knows January is one of the coldest months of the year, therefore many think it's the toughest for fashion. Wrong! You can brave that chilly weather but still keep your incredible style. Winter months can be real long and a bit of a drag, so put a little pep in your step by putting together fun outfits and really playing around with new trends. If you need a little inspiration or a kick start, I've put together a few looks (all inspired by finds on the Fashion Truck) that will get you through the harsh Canadian Winter looking fabulous in the latest trends for 2017, all while staying warm.We're not open for the season just yet,...

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Make Sparks Fly

Image via Pinterest A couple years ago, a friend of mine gave me a Kate Spade bracelet for Christmas. Amazing, right? Although I absolutely adore the brand, it wasn't the actual bracelet that touched me. At the time, I had been feeling a bit held back at work and it was pretty discouraging. My friend was so thoughtful, she inscribed on the inside "This Is Your Year To Make Sparks Fly." It was the inspiration and love I needed to dig down deep and keep grinding in a career I knew was very difficult to "make it" in. Every year, when December begins, I always think back to that moment and feel so inspired and cheerful. I want all of you to feel the same way....

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