"The kind of truck stop for the fashion set, Fashion Truck Canada is Toronto’s stylish answer to the cites mobile food vendor craze - only better dressed." 


"Fashion Truck Canada makes style mobile" 


"Move over food trucks: this spring, the fashion industry is venturing into roving-retail territory."


"Fashion trucks hits the streets of Toronto." 



"Have style, will travel: Toronto finally has its very own fashion boutique on wheels."

Fashion Truck Canada - Blog TO Toronto



"One of Canada’s first fashion trucks (nicknamed “Eve”) travels the city streets full of boho-inspired women’s weekend and business-casual wear like floral jumpsuits, the classic trench and soft striped tees."

Fashion truck Canada - Westjet Magazine Toronto



 "OMG! yes!!! Let me repeat that for you. This is a Fashion boutique, on a Truck, at a festival! Complete with a fitting room and cash! Again, let me repeat that, fashion comes to YOU."


Fashion Truck Canada - Mode Xlusive