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PIPERWEST and VO BATH & CO. Brand Profiles

At the beginning of the season, we promised new brands....and we've delivered! This season on the fashiontruck is off to a tremendous start, and we don't expect it to slow down anytime soon. One thing we want to continue to do, no matter how busy, is let our customers know the brands we're carrying, what each company stands for and the benefits it will bring to each and everyone of you. Today on the blog, we're featuring PIPERWEST & VO BATH & CO.; two companies we're extremely proud to carry. I hope you love these brands as much as we do. :) Read up and let us know what you think! Thanks ladies, enjoy!  PIPERWEST WATCHES Image via PiperWest  About...

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FTC is All About Cruelty-Free

Image via @piggyandpolly Week after week, I write about trends, products and fashions we're currently loving, are looking forward to or simply admiring. A lot of the time, I don't make it known in our blog posts, but the gals of FTC are extremely loyal to a lot of brands and companies that are cruelty free. We are animal lovers through and through (we both consider our dogs our kids), enough so, that we NEVER carry real fur on the truck. If any of you reading this are smiling or nodding your head, then this blog post is for you! Today, we're sharing the most trusted cruelty-free clothing, products, brands and companies. _______  ++++++++ Image via Too Faced A friend...

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