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Canada Day Long Weekend

First off, can you believe that it's already Canada Day Long Weekend and the 150th anniversary of our beautiful country? Wow, time flies! We got to thinking this week, how special this milestone really is. How are you celebrating? Are you traveling to cottage country? Planning a staycation? Well, we thought it would be a good idea to muster up some fun plans and share them with all of you, so you can make the most of a beautiful, once in a lifetime weekend. Below, are some ideas we came up with so you grateful Canucks can live it up and celebrate. A must on this list, is of course, making a pit stop in Muskoka to come visit us...

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Calgary Stampede 2017

The news is out! Fashiontruck Canada is heading to Calgary for the Stampede! Woo! As a company, we couldn't be more thrilled to be bringing our brand out West. With the amount of people that attend this event and the opportunity to grow this brand has us all sorts of excited! Before this event kicks off, we wanted to let all of our amazing customers in on all of the details to give you a sense of what this upcoming month will look like. Below, Kayla sat down with Ashley to discuss the Stampede and the landscape of the business for the near future. Grab a coffee or a glass of Rosé and enjoy! Ashley, I want you to be...

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Summer Wedding & Event Attire

A lot of our wonderful customers have been visiting the Fashiontruck lately looking for dresses and outfits for formal occasions. No shock there, Summers are typically packed with events, whether it be for a wedding or welcoming a new bundle of joy, birthdays also included. One thing that has surprised me a bit, is a lot of the women that are coming in, only gear towards super formal attire, requesting evening gowns and cocktail dresses. I don't blame you, that's what society kind of tells us that we need to wear to events, especially when it's labelled a "black tie" affair. Truth be told, you don't ALWAYS have to go that route. You can stay true to your style and look...

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