Summer Wedding & Event Attire

A lot of our wonderful customers have been visiting the Fashiontruck lately looking for dresses and outfits for formal occasions. No shock there, Summers are typically packed with events, whether it be for a wedding or welcoming a new bundle of joy, birthdays also included. One thing that has surprised me a bit, is a lot of the women that are coming in, only gear towards super formal attire, requesting evening gowns and cocktail dresses. I don't blame you, that's what society kind of tells us that we need to wear to events, especially when it's labelled a "black tie" affair.

Truth be told, you don't ALWAYS have to go that route. You can stay true to your style and look magnificent for every type of social gathering. Below, I've included gorgeous on-trend pieces that you can not only wear at your event but to many other occasions that life brings your way. A night out on the town with the gals or a weekend getaway to wine country.... you'll be set! In the end, a nice pair of heels, jewelry and a clutch can go a long way, so don't put too much pressure on yourself to invest in a gown that you will only wear once. Purchase an outfit that you know you can get a lot of use out of. Spend your hard earned money wisely.

Ali & Jay Fountain Frolicking Two Piece Set- $199 (Available on the Fashiontruck)

WYLDR London Raising Sun Dress -$129

Olivaceous Paradise Floral Midi Dress-$139

Glamorous Cold Shoulder Dress-$75 (Available on the Fashiontruck)

WYLDR London Ultimate Dress-$115

Olivaceous Floral Maxi Wrap Dress -$135

Lumiere Off the Shoulder Dress-$110

Ali & Jay Calling All Brides Dress-$199 (Available on the Fashiontruck)

WYLDR London Paint The Sky Dress-$145


When in doubt, the fashiontruck has you covered! A huge shipment from LA just arrived, so be sure to visit us soon. Thanks for reading. Until next time....

Kayla & Ashley xo




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