10 Questions with Ashley Mitobe, Owner & Co-Founder of Fashion Truck Canada

  Oh hey there, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kayla Walsh and I'm a Stylist, Manager and Blogger at Fashion Truck Canada. I joined the FTC team just a little over a month ago and have fallen in love with the company and everyone I've met while working here. I'm so very lucky to call Ashley a boss, I feel like I've struck Gold. Within minutes of interaction, you feel comfortable and confident to be yourself and that truly speaks volumes about her amazing personality. Many of you who are reading this right now have probably interacted with Ashley, but haven't gotten the chance to hear a lot about the company and what it means to her....

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Lisbeth - The Perfect Piece

We were so excited to get the opportunity to sit down and chat with the not only talented but beautiful Sophie Alden, inspiration and mastermind behind "Lisbeth Jewelry"  - Like seriously, could this girl be any prettier!!!! What makes this brand so special? (Where do we start?) It's soft, elegant, feminine and edgy all in one. Lisbeths styles are classic, great for layering, timeless and always current. Not to mention, it's MADE IN CANADA!!!!!  Lisbeth is on our list of MUST HAVE items for 2016. (Of course it is!)   Check out what Sophie shared with us in the Q and A below........ Q: How did you come up with Lisbeth? Brand/idea. A: "Lisbeth Jewelry really began organically. I have...

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