Building Your Wardrobe & Getting The Most Out Of Your Cash

Odds are, if you're reading this blog post, you enjoy fashion and your wardrobe is important to you. Don't worry, we're totally in this together. I can proudly say I'm now into my 30's and expecting a baby (very soon), so let's just say, my priorities have not only shifted when it comes to my wardrobe but my buying patterns have changed dramatically. I guess you could say I've matured. :) I'm now shopping way less and focusing on pieces that will bring me true happiness, ones that I truly need. 

In my twenties, I spent a crazy amount of cash on the latest trends and pieces that weren't exactly strategic. The ratio from tops to anything else was a whopping 9 to 1. Absolute silliness. I've now created a balance of staple pieces that can form chic, classy outfits for any occasion. Why did I own a million blouses and only a couple pairs of denim or footwear? I honestly couldn't even tell you lol. But, nonetheless, this has been corrected and I've never been happier with my purchases. 

I find a lot of women go through phases where one day they love what they see in their closet, the next, they're ready to donate and head to the mall for an unnecessary shopping spree! Has this happened to you? Well, over the last year, I've learned an insane amount working for Ashley. The one brilliant strategy that really stands out, is investing in QUALITY, and not quantity. This inspired me to share this life-changing concept with you. If you're into it, here are my tips on building a fantastic wardrobe and getting the most bang for your buck! 


1. Will This Piece Stand the Test of Time?

When you're shopping, do you ever stop and take the time to consider whether you're spending a lot just to get the latest trends... or is this something that you can treasure for years to come? For me, I'd rather skip the $40 blouse that will most likely be out of style in a few months and save my money to buy a quality, long lasting piece. Is splurging on the latest fads really worth it? If it is to you, by all means, ring that baby up! If you hesitate, maybe saving your money for something else will bring more long term happiness to you, instead of a quick fix that will be donated in the near future. Your bank account will thank you and your wardrobe will improve over time because of it. Avoid the clutter and get something of value. Some trends do stick around, but most fade over a short period of time. So think long and hard before swiping.

2. Are you a Repeat Shopper?

Do you buy the same article of clothing over and over? Well, break the cycle babe. Try investing in a new Fall boot (the pair below is available on the fashiontruck) or an expensive coat you've been lusting after. When you invest in Footwear and Outerwear, you're getting a lot of use, therefore, the investment is worth it. Have a lot of shoes and coats? Maybe you're money is better tucked away for now. If you're in need of something, I'd jump on that instead of items you desire. Just like everything in life, it's all about balance. Everything in moderation.  


Seychelles Chapparel Boot in Python Print

3. Invest in Basics  

Investing in basics is one of the most important aspects of curating a kick ass wardrobe. Big fan of flashy pieces? I get it. I used to go for the colourful, shiny pieces over a solid cashmere sweater, but trust me on this, the latter is a better decision. Need a sequin dress for that party you're going to? Try to keep your budget low and allot that money towards a LBD, striped l/s top, classic mid-rise denim, tailored blazer or a classic trench/robe coat. A white button down or great pair of sneakers will be hanging around a lot longer than a dress you wore on NYE three years ago.

 Black Orchid Jude Mid Rise in New Splash

Happiness vs. Filling a Void 

Picture this scenario. You've had a tough week at work, you broke up with your boyfriend and you cannot think of a better way to blow off some you head to the mall. Three hours go by, and you've spent hundreds of dollars and you're carrying bags filled with new items. Were those splurges on your wish list or were they frivolous purchases to fill that void in your life? Is this something that you do? Don't beat yourself up, it happens to everyone. If you keep making the same mistake though, that's on you girlfriend. A good piece of advice that you must listen to, is don't shop, eat or drink when emotional. It seems like a quick fix in the moment, but you're only hurting yourself further. Stay away from the mall, donut shops and the bars! I know it's human nature to resort to these activities, but going to exercise or spend time with a friend is a healthier way of dealing with tough situations. One way you could flip the switch, is when you're killing it at work or a relationship is going well, reward yourself with something that makes you happy. A purse, ice cream or cocktail is not only welcomed, but deserved when you're life is on a roll.


I hope my tips helped you out a bit. Thanks for reading! Until next time...

Love you all,

Kayla xo

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