Part II: Cold Weather Beauty & Fashion Must-Haves

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I must say, this has been an incredibly busy stretch for the Fashion Truck and we couldn't be more excited! We're super busy with lots of private holiday parties and even travelled to Ottawa this past weekend to spread the love. We're pretty booked up this holiday season, but as of now, we do have a couple of spots left, so if you're interested, email either or and we can figure out a date! It's such a magical time of year, what's better than making mulled wine and shopping new arrivals with your closest girlfriends? Can't beat it.

Speaking of the holiday season, our neighbors south of the border, are celebrating Thanksgiving and we can't help but think about all the things and people we're grateful for in our lives. When you work on the truck everyday and you're on the road for a majority of your work week, things can get a bit fuzzy. But, for Ashley and I, we never forget about the people who have supported us along the way and continue to help expand this wonderful brand. Many of you welcome us into your homes, lift our spirits simply by your glowing personalities and build your wardrobe with items from our mobile boutique. This may sound cheesy, but we thank our lucky stars everyday there are people like you in the world. Whether it's a compliment about a certain item we carry, our customer service or you simply don't shop anywhere else, we appreciate you. Thank you. 

Okay, so let's rewind to a couple of weeks ago, what did you think of the first installment of our Cold Weather Beauty & Fashion Must-Haves? Those are products I've fallen in love with and feel like I can't live without. If you missed the blog post, you can read about my daily go-to's right here. This holiday season, you're bound to pick up one or two of those gems for friends or family, maybe a treat for yourself. ;)

If you've been waiting for the second installment of this feature, the suspense is over my friend. Ashley, the owner and founder of FTC is spilling her top picks this week, and I'm ready to run out and grab a few of them lol. Whether you're looking for a spectacular faux tan for the next few months or need a killer lipstick, Ashley has you covered. Without further ado, here are Ashley's Cold Weather Beauty & Fashion Must-Haves.


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Are you pining for a tan during the Winter months but want to remain healthy reaching that goal? Use SunnaTan Organic Tanning Lotion, it's a game changer. All SunnaTan products are formulated with all natural ingredients, and completely chemical free. The shimmer that's added in also allows for a perfect application. From their best-selling Coconut Oil, to their self tanning lotions and sprays, you'll be looking and feeling great in your own skin. Winning.

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Trust Fund is a rare breed in the beauty business. All products are created in the United States and every single item is Vegan and Cruelty-free. They also minimize the toxic content that you'd be exposed to when using make-up. They care about your health, and I respect that. What's also loveable about this brand is their cheeky name game and the vibrant/unique colours of nail polish they sell. Super charming and stylish. Check out their selection here, your cart will be overflowing and your nails will shine at any soirée.

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LOVEFRESH is a Toronto-based luxury line of all Natural beauty products. Their Sugar Scrub is SO good for your skin/body and it's light enough that you can use it everyday. Did you know exfoliating with sugar increases circulation and your lymphatic system? That means your removing toxins and helping firm up your body as well. Remember to moisturize after using any of the scrubs, it will ensure your skin stays hydrated and healthy. Also, drinking plenty of water throughout the day will also do wonders for your skin, so drink up ladies! 


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This signature lipstick is the bombshell that made MAC famous. They have hundreds of jaw-dropping hues that last all day long and sell it for next to nothing. Although there are so many stunning colours, Creme D'Nude steals the show. There's something so beautfiful and feminine about a Blush or Nude lipstick, and this one is a pale muted peachy beige that can be worn all day, everyday. From daytime to nighttime, the compliments will be rolling in. 


What did you think Ashley's picks? Aren't they great? We'd love to hear your feedback. Please comment on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Hope everyone is getting excited for Christmas, it's less than a month away, YAY!



Kayla & Ashley xoxo


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