5 Fall Must-Haves on the Fashion Truck

Overspending. It happens to us all, but let me tell you, it doesn't go down as often as it used to. When I was a young pup, it seemed as though I spent every dime I earned on fashion. When I was in my early 20's, I would go to town on trendy pieces, only to donate them a few months later. Don't get me wrong, I love to help people and charities, but I found my careless spending wasn't doing anything for me or my future.

As I've grown older and a little wiser, (I'm approaching 30, welp), I've become more selective when it comes to fashion. I have a husband to think about and I know having children is a major priority for us. These days, I've been spending more on one particular item I cannot live without as opposed to my old habits of huge shopping hauls that found me cheaper items, to only fall apart in one season. Let me clear the air on one thing though, not EVERYTHING I buy is a big ticket purchase. If I find a staple piece of great quality, I'll make the investment. I'm all about items that will go the distance for me, ones that I can count on.

On the truck, people are constantly asking me "how in the world do you keep a paycheque? Every single time, I say "Well, I've gotten really good at practicing self control." With how incredible and loyal our customers truly are, I feel as though you deserve a bit more from that answer. The real truth is I only have the room, means and time for selecting items that will enhance my wardrobe, nothing else. This topic got me so fired up, it actually inspired me to put together this blog post ;) 

I wanted to show you that you don't have to own a ton of clothing to be stylish or even have a kick ass wardrobe. Classic, quality pieces are the way to go. So, without further ado, here are 5 Fall wardrobe staples and essentials we have on the Fashion Truck right now. Ashley and I have our picks for this season, and I know each and every selection will be a great addition to your closet.

1. Wishlist Crew Neck Sweater - Kayla

I always found crew neck sweaters a little blah on me, but when I tried this beauty from LA, I instantly fell in LOVE. It's cozy, flattering and the two colours we carry are to die-for. This sweater comes in blush and teal, pictured above on both the Fashion Truck gals. I felt like a million bucks in the teal knit, and how gorgeous does Ashley look in the soft pink? Such a BABE! Just a side note, this chunky knit is also extremely versatile. From chilly nights to a relaxed office look, this sweater will be your new go-to.



2. Seychelles Wake Ankle Boot -Kayla

In my opinion, these ankle boots are the best investment on the truck. We have more cooler months than warm in Canada, so it's smart to purchase a quality pair of ankle boots that are both stylish and comfortable. Personally, I do a lot of walking in Toronto, so I need a reliable pair of footwear and these certainly do not disappoint. Do yourself a solid and shop these ankle boots here, girlfriend.




  3. Fidelity Rizzo Crop- Ashley

I can almost guarantee everyone reading this blog post has a fantastic pair of jeans in their closet that they wear religiously. Well, time for a new pair that's going to rock your world! The Fidelity Rizzo Crop Jeans are next level gorgeous and they look amazing with everything from a fitted turtle neck to a vintage rock tee and leather jacket. Enhance your jean rotation with these one of a kind denim, literally. No two Fidelity garments are alike, each pair is specifically handcrafted in a unique process. That's quality right there.


4. LA MARQUE Donna Leather Motorcycle Jacket- Kayla

This lamb leather jacket is the best. It feels like butter, the fit is great and everyone who tries it on agrees with me. A leather jacket is a wardrobe must-have, but at most retail stores, this purchase will set you back. We price this beauty at $475. In my eyes, that is attainable luxury. If you've been on the hunt for a great leather jacket, your search is over.



Image via Pinterest

5. Brave Leather Belt - Ashley

When these belts arrived from LA and I started merchandising them on the truck, surprisingly I didn't think much of these accessories. But, when I started putting outfits together, it was a whole different ball game. My next wardrobe addition will definitely be the Frankie Leather Belt in Washed Black. It looks great with black skinny jeans or worn higher, wrapped around my waist. The Daphne Belt in Washed Black has also been a hot item, so grab yours quick, before we sell out.


What do you think of our 5 Fall Must-Haves on the Fashion Truck? We'd love to hear your feedback! Comment on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Thanks for reading, hope our picks make their way into your closet real soon. 

See you here next week,

 Kayla  xo


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