Why It's Smart To Splurge On Quality Denim

Ever try on a pair of jeans and instantly fall in love? With that same pair in hand, have you ever got up to the cash register and your stomach sunk when you heard the grand total? You're not alone. There have been so many pairs of jeans and pants I've purchased that were WAY over my budget. Honestly though, looking back, those are the ones that I still have and wear on a daily basis. Here at the Fashion Truck, we spend big bucks on our denim. To us gals, it's all good. In fact, it's downright smart! If you're unsure of my theory and wondering how it's financially savvy to drop big coin on a pair of pants, below I've listed important reasons why it's smart to invest in quality denim. 

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1. Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity is one the most important points I have to make today. A really great pair of denim will last for years to come. There's nothing worse than purchasing a pair of jeans and after one wear or wash, they are misshaped, faded and essentially ruined. I'm proud to say we carry some of the top denim brands in the world and all of them are both stylish and built to last.

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When I accepted my role at the company, I knew it was time to invest in some premium denim. After some research and wearing some of the brands we carried, I knew Black Orchid was definitely a brand I could get on board with. The first time I tried a pair on, I felt SO stylish and sophisticated. I mean, I've always purchased good denim, but there was something about this elite brand that had me swooning. The quality, the feel, the way it looked on my body? Made me feel really sexy.

Want to know more about Black Orchid? Well, the company launched in 2008, and was founded by superstar designer Julien Jarmoune who started in the denim business at the young age of 18. Julien is not only extremely dedicated to his company, but is 100% committed to providing his customers a flawless luxury product that people will love and believe in.

Black Orchid's revolutionary Italian denim stretch technology sculpts to the body like nothing else. The company uses state of the art fabric that was created in a series of innovative denim washes and silhouettes. They also carry a wide range of vegan leather pieces that are "cruelty-free" which we can all support!

What also caught my eye when reading up on this company was how authentic their brand is. I read the quote below on their website and I was SO impressed with their policies and what they stand for. The quote is a perfect description of their clothing; perfect and beautiful.

“The exotic and intriguing Black Orchid flower is a universal symbol of love and luxury and more specifically represents perfection and beauty.”

Oh, and did you know that Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosia and many other celebrities frequent in these jeans? Those are some classy dames, just another reason to take the plunge and buy a pair of Black Orchid jeans from the truck. The pair below are the ones I went for, I also LOVE this pair, so on point!



On to Fidelity, another denim gem. I literally cannot wait for our Fall order to arrive. Talk about making a statement. Mid-High rise skinnies, black wash, copper detailing, you name it and we'll have it! SO many great pieces are on their way and you can shop them on the truck and our online boutique.

If you don't know much about Fidelity or you've never tried their products, I have a few facts that might get you into the brand:

1. Over 30 pairs of hands touch each pair of jeans before they are completed and sent out.

2. Fidelity uses fabrics from Japan and Italy.

3. Each pair is hand sewn, hand died, and hand washed.

4. Each pair is individually cut, seen and washed down to reach the perfect fit and colour.

 Splurging on one pair, forces you to cut back 

Unless you are made of money or seriously don't care about emptying your checking account and wracking up a credit card bill, then buying one quality pair of jeans is a smart move. Think of it as an investment that will stop you from shopping around for a bunch of other clothing you don't need. Ever go to a boutique, department store or mall and you fill your shopping bag? Well, without knowing it, you just spent a lot of money and have nothing to really show for it. Will that trendy top last you? Did you really need to buy two pairs of ankle boots that will hold up for one season? Just because the one item costs less, those frivolous purchases can really add up. Commit to buying one quality item and call it a day.

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Demi Lovato said it best, "What's wrong with being confident?" When you're walking around town in your favourite pair of jeans that are so comfortable stylish and flattering, what is better? They say money can't buy happiness, but for me, a good pair of jeans that make my butt look great, puts a little bounce in my step! ;) Do yourself a favour and put your hard-earned money towards a pair of jeans that make you feel unstoppable.

Black Orchid-Noah Ankle Fray in Guilty Pleasure


What is it about denim that everyone loves? Maybe that the fabric easily dresses up and down, or that it goes with absolutely everything and can make you look effortlessly chic? Whatever the reason is, there's nothing more versatile than a good pair of jeans, especially when you have the right styles and washes. From high-waisted wide legs to vintage cut-offs, this fabric is a wildly popular wardrobe essential and goes above and beyond any other threads. 

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Looking too add a show-stopping pair of denim to your wardrobe? The Fashion Truck has you covered! Come visit us and we'll hook you up with a pair of long-lasting jeans that you will adore. Shop our designer denim on the truck or our online boutique, here

Thanks for reading along, see you here on Friday!

Kayla xoxo 


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