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Having been married for almost three years and with my husband for seven, I've learned how to celebrate Valentine's Day with my forever Valentine. Not every couple is the same, so our ideal date night might not work for you, but in attempt to inspire you to be the most loving person you can be, on the most romantic day of the year, we've curated enough ideas, hoping at least one will spark your fancy. We've also included Galentine's Day ideas, because in our eyes, friendships are just as important as romantic relationships.

When it comes to gifts, Ryan and I don't ALWAYS buy for each other on this holiday. We usually decide a month in advance whether or not we'll be exchanging gifts. Luckily enough, no one gets offended or upset if the day comes and no gifts have been exchanged... if that was the agreement made ahead of time. The year of our wedding, we actually decided to stay in and make dinner together, sans gifts, so that we could save cash for our special day. On the other hand, when we first started dating, I remember Ryan would go all out. Flowers, beautiful gifts and a little getaway to Collingwood to enjoy some skiing, snow and the most beautiful spa ever. Although the latter sounds extra special, I promise you, every Valentine's Day with him has been so lovely because I'm with him. Remember, you don't always have to buy gifts to celebrate the day. A kind, simple gesture does the trick as well. Without further ado, here are some fun date/gift ideas, cute outfits and yummy desserts you can make in the comfort of your own home to spoil your loved one. Enjoy!

Pizza Party with your Best Gals

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If you're hosting a Galentine's Day get together, heart-shaped pizzas are a must! Sipping on wine with your best gal pals and enjoying these festive treats....sign us up! Also, we love rolling up our sleeves and making an amazing dinner. We always feel so much more accomplished when we've made it ourselves. Also, heart-shaped pizzas are definitely insta worthy! ;)

Skate Date

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How Canadian would it be to lace up those skates, grab your partners hand and go for a spin at your local rink? Be sure to bundle up and stay warm with lots of xoxo's. Hot chocolate with marshmallows never hurt nobody, so grab a cup or two and have a blast!

Sweet Treat

Image via Lauren Conrad

If you're in the mood to bake your own V-Day treats, we applaud you. SO many people just pick up store bought goodies, and really, it just isn't the same. When you've tracked down a recipe and perfected it, there's no better treat. We absolutely ADORE these Rose Cupcakes created by Lauren Lowstan, a contributing baker to There as delicious as they are stunning. I whipped up a bunch of these last year and gave them to friends, family and of course, kept a couple for the house. The other appeal to this recipe? It takes no time at all. A winner in our books. Be the hero this year :)

Movie Night

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Image via IMDB

Trying to avoid a fancy prix fixed meal? Throw on a cute pair of pj's or a pretty nightie, grab your man/woman, some cozy blankets, light a few candles and throw on a romantic movie. Which one, you say? We always go with The Notebook on Valentine's Day, such a tear-jerker. Want a festive snack? Make this conversation candy popcorn, it will fulfill all your movie night needs!  Conversation candy, white chocolate and popcorn, yowza!

Homemade Valentine's Day Card

Image via Real Simple

 Homemade cards, anyone? Skip Hallmark this year and get crafty by making your own V-Day cards. Much like baking your own dinner and treats, creating your own card has more sentimental value. You can also be more playful, add in an inside joke or two.....the sky's the limit! This card caught our eye immediately when we were scrolling through Pinterest. Simple, yet insanely adorable. 

Wine/Beer Tasting 

Image via Pinterest

Whether you do some wine/beer tasting at home or find a great spot around the city, this activity can lead into a night of dancing, bar hopping or some saucy board games. Use your imagination and leave your inhibitions at the door!

For the Kiddos

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We know that Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, but it doesn't mean you can't wake up extra early with your kids and make a fun recipe together before you start the day. These homemade pop tarts will have your little babes smiling and snacking all day long. And don't you think everyone deserves a little romance on this day, even if you're too young to quite comprehend? If your son/daughter brings one to school for a friend, you'll get them started off on the right foot when it comes to a loving relationship. After all, it's all about giving on Valentine's Day!

 Cheer on Your Maple Leafs

Image via Maple Leafs

If you live in the Toronto area, odds are, you're a Maple Leaf fan. Nothing says romance like screaming fans, pints of beer and hockey players dropping the gloves and going at it. This year, you're in luck! The Leafs host the Islanders. If you want to surprise you're man or a dear friend, grab your tickets here. I sure wish I was going!

 Gift Exchange

Image via Urban Outfitters

We're loving this Lover Pocket Tee for the guys. It's definitely tougher to buy for men on this holiday, but we think this is an easy gift to give if you're keeping the costs down this year. He can wear it on a day off, or with PJ pants at home when you're on the couch, snuggled up, watching a movie or your go-to TV show.


Image via Urban Outfitters

This is a GREAT gift for the man or woman in your life. It's a lovely vintage piece to put in your home and gives you the vinyl experience you've been looking for. If you have a certain music lover in mind, pull the trigger and purchase this pal a record player. The price point will be worth the smile you see on their face. Such a classic.

Image via ASOS

Know someone who's expecting? This Momma-to-be will be stunned when you surprise her with these maternity pajamas. During nine months of pregnancy, you're typically overjoyed, but there are certainly ups & downs when it comes to health. Show your love this year by helping her get comfy and cozy this Valentine's Day. Oh, and the conversation candy detailing? Cuteness overload. 

Image via Victorias Secret

It's pretty obvious who this gift is for. I couldn't complete this blog post without it. Hot fire. If you get your hands on this lingerie, you won't have to do much else this Valentine's Day. One stop shopping. ;)

Give Back

 Image via Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Spend your day/evening making Valentine's day cards at Sick Kids Hospital, or donate a V-Day gift here. There's nothing more loving than supporting someone in need, especially a child. Maybe a fancy night out is a bit overrated this year. 

If you're still uninspired, maybe sit this year out ;) Kidding! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Make it a good one.


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