Trendy Dining in Toronto

Oh hey there! I don't know if it's that I'm 8 months pregnant or Summer is in full swing, but I've been dining out quite a bit! My freedom and independence will be very limited when the baby arrives, so I'm trying to squeeze in as much me time as I can, including trying out new restaurants around Toronto. I've checked out several popular hot spots over the last couple of months, and a few have really impressed me. I've become obsessed with one spot in particular. I'm there two, sometimes three times a week! Trust me, it seems like a lot, but given the prices, it's not that bad at all. Plus, their menu is SUPER healthy and that's what I'm looking for during my pregnancy. 

Below, I've shared my favourite new locations to indulge in food, coffee and sweet treats. I know a lot of our customers reside in the GTA, so I thought it would be fun to share all these new gems. Enjoy! 

Planta is an upscale Yorkville restaurant that leaves animal and all animal products off its menu. What I love about this place is how health conscious their offerings are. They stick to plant based dining and are committed to fresh products from ethical providers. They also have cold pressed juices available on their brunch menu which is a nice way to kick off your day. The juices are refreshing, affordable and nourishing to the body. If you have the time, take a seat and enjoy your surroundings with friends or family.

Calii Love is dining heaven. It's west coast vibes and poké bowls are an absolute game changer. If you couldn't tell, this is the restaurant that I hit up a couple times a week. If you're not into raw fish, their acai bowls and salads are out of this world. The décor makes you feel as if you're in LA (which I want to be, 99% of the time) and chill service put your mind at ease. I always find myself conversing with the employees too which is an added bonus. It's nice to support a business that is as friendly as the one you work for :) Another good thing about Calii Love? You can take your food to go if you have a busy day ahead. If you're a buy bee, you don't always have to settle for fast food.

Whether you're a soft serve lover or not, you have to visit Sweet Jesus! 
Their selection of ice cream, churros and coffee is excellent. I'm sure you've stumbled upon this trendy ice cream shop in person or on Instagram, it's pretty cool, right? Keep in mind, you don't have to get a pimped out cone. The menu has options for everyone out there including modest servings of soft serve or a milkshake. It's usually packed so don't take off if the line is goes fast and it's completely worth it! 
From the pasta to the pizza, the dishes at Oretta are a party in you mouth! I went here with my sister one sunny afternoon and we sat at a large booth with the windows completely open. We went back and forth from people watching to gazing over the restaurant and falling in love with every detail. The space is so simple, yet so elegant. Whoever did the design is a total pro.
I made the decision early on in my pregnancy that I wasn't going to touch a drop of alcohol. One thing I also was determined to do, was maintain my social life the best I could. This meant still going to bars and pubs with friends, but at reasonable hours. I met a friend at the Bellwoods Brewery patio recently and it was fantastic! This location on the Ossington is awesome. Very active area with tons of young people looking to let their hair down. I ordered a few appetizers and sipped on a mocktail. I''d definitely go back again.
Have you tried any of these restaurants? I highly recommend each and every spot. Each place is so special and unique in its own way.
Kayla xoxo 

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