How The Fashion Truck Will Change Your Shopping Experience

 Hey everyone, Kayla here! Hope you all had a wonderful week and have aaaaaamazing plans to soak up the last few weekends of Summer. I don't know about you, but now that the weather is cooling off a bit, I'm so excited for Fall weather and fashion. There's nothing better than walking around the city wearing a cozy sweater, pair of ripped jeans, ankle boots and sipping on a pumpkin spiced latté from Starbucks. As Fall approaches, you're probably thinking to yourself, "I need sweaters, jeans and coats in my life ASAP." Well, look no further than Fashion Truck Canada. Did you know that you can host your own shopping parties at your house? It's true! Invite your best girlfriends, pick up some wine and wait for the truck to roll onto your driveway. You and your best gal pals can shop the truck exclusively for the afternoon or evening and shop for new arrivals from Free People, Rails, Fidelity and many more amazing brands! Want to know why this shopping experience will change your life? Read below and find out what our small, but mighty company has to offer...

 Meet your Stylists



 Ashley Mitobe, Owner & Founder of Fashion Truck Canada


 Kayla Walsh, Manager & Stylist at Fashion Truck Canada

Personal Service

Ever go to a mall and feel overwhelmed and neglected? Well, at Fashion Truck Canada, you will never feel that way! Not only do we help build your wardrobe and choose items that will suit your body type and look amazing, but we open up and treat you like one of our own. We want people to be ecstatic over their purchases and not head home wondering what the hell they just bought, for it to sit in their closet and never be worn. This has happened to me more times than I would like to admit, so as a stylist, I'm always honest and willing to search for the right look. When you walk into a busy store with employees who are overwhelmed, the personal service is certainly lacking. On the truck, you will always be treated like you're the only person around, first priority. We want our customers to feel free to ask for our help so you can have the best shopping experience possible. We want happy clients and people who feel comfortable around us. When you host your own party or corporate event, it's just you, your best friends and stylists who want to make a difference in your life. When you're put together and feeling stylish, your overall confidence is boosted to another level and that is what we want to do for you, you could say it's a personal mission with every individual.



Looking for a description of the truck? I can break it down for you real quick. The Fashion Truck blends California's iconic style and vibe with a laid back feel that will allow you to take your time and find the perfect outfit for your body and budget. As a customer, you're never last priority and never rushed off the truck, feeling frustrated and in someone's way. We want to get to know you and be friends with the people who are helping us grow our brand and business. Want to have a glass of wine or a vodka soda at the shopping party? Talk about your break ups or boy troubles? Go ahead, we've got stories too! You can be yourself, shop the truck, bop around to music and build friendships in the process. We always have fresh flowers and sometimes carry homemade desserts, for very special occasions. As for the decor, we have a west coast, rustic vibe on the truck. Picture hardwood floors, fur throws and gold plated picture frames that inspire us each day.


In Toronto you have A LOT of shopping options, we know this. What sets the Fashion Truck a part from every other boutique and store are the brands we carry and the mobility of our company. Would a chain store be parked outside of your home? Nope, not a chance. We also pride ourselves on a wide range of styles and prices that everyone can love and afford. Ashley Mitobe, the Owner and Founder of the company is incredible when it comes to collecting beautiful/trendy pieces for the truck, and trust me, I've seen her in action. She knows her customers and what they want. From Free People to Jealous Tomato, we have clothing that will have people stopping you on the street, asking where you got that wonderful outfit! We carry unique, sought after brands so when you put your new outfit on, you're not twinning with hundreds of other gals around Toronto.


Not only do you get to shop in the comfort of your own home and be with friends and family, but when you host a shopping party or event, 5% of all sales go towards your purchase! Amazing, right? Our only requirements are a minimum of 15-20 guests and a $50 gas fee over 60KM. If you ask me, that's a sweet deal. Also, if you're hosting a birthday or bachelorette party, a trendy truck packed with fabulous fashion will definitely turn some heads and make an impact.


Ready to change your shopping experience and rock some worlds? Book your party/event today! Email us your contact info, desired date and time and any other information you have to: or Let's make it happen!


 Thanks for reading, meet you here next Friday. Have a GREAT weekend!


Kayla xoxo






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