Fashiontruck Season Preview

Our buying trip to LA is not far off and we couldn't be more excited! We're thrilled to be recruiting new brands and bringing a fresh look to the Fashiontruck this year. No doubt, we'll be discovering and scooping up different brands on the West Coast for the 2017 season, but guess what? We've already committed to some pretty cool styles and brands that you'll fall in love with.
Today, we're letting our awesome customers in on the secret! Below is a sneak peek of a few brands that we'll be bringing in this season. It's going to be our BEST year yet, we can just feel it! Happy reading, ladies.

Looking for gorgeous, minimalist jewelry that can be worn throughout your entire day? Well, Amarilo is for you. When we first got a glimpse of this brand, the unique, delicate layering necklaces really caught our eye. Although each piece is beautiful on its own, we're thinking "the more the merrier" when it comes to this brand. A couple of our faves include the "Liv Necklace" and the "Alexa Coin Choker". We know our customers on the Fashiontruck are going to fall in love! Only thing is, it'll be tricky to choose just one piece. Don't fear, we're stocking up on these gems, so there will be plenty to go around. These threaders also made it into our shopping bag, they were just too gorgeous to resist, perfect for a night out on the town! Amarilo was founded in 2013 by designers Ali Heiss and Stella Simona who both co design for the sister label Haati Chai, another gorgeous jewelry line made up of everyday staples for the cool, effortless woman.


WYLDR is a London based brand that takes glamorous to a new level. The creative vision behind the collections of these sexy, glittery dresses is Designer Michelle Goldie who travels to LA any chance she gets. She's an adventure seeker, loves a good party and never turns down a glass of champagne. You can really tell that her inspiration comes from her wild nights out in La La Land. This brand is playful and flirty with lots of glamour, definitely not for a homebody.


Ali & Jay

Ready to rock your next party? Wait until you see Ali & Jay, your prayers will be answered! Total LA vibes. Think sexy, cool, sophisticated, modern and feminine. Trust me when I say, when you see these dresses and playsuits on the truck, your heart will skip a beat! 


Where do we even begin with Sonix accessories? From their unique, fashion forward prints to the quality of their products, Sonix is as close to perfect as you can get. We absolutely adore their great style and ability to keep their phone cases and sunnies high quality. Usually you get one and not the other. It's very hard to find a company that can balance both so well. Sonix sure does. They also have a ton of celebrities that rock their trendy accessories (Check out their roster here). Both Ash and I can't wait to dress our phones up with their super stylish cases and head to the beach in their glamorous sunnies. Life is good. 


What do you think of these new brands we're bringing to the truck this year? We'd LOVE to hear your thoughts! Comment on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. 



Fashiontruck team xo



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