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If you've been on the Fashiontruck in the last year or so, it's no secret that both Ashley and I have baby fever! Ashley is now a mother of an adorable 9-month old boy and I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant, expecting a little girl of my own.

I must admit, with a growing belly, it's been a bit od a challenge to find outfits that fit just right, but I think I got it now! Given the light of my new baby bump, I thought it would be fun to share a few styles for when expecting or have just given birth. Ladies, remember not to stress, because it's tricky to style your bump or a post pregnancy body, so give yourself a break.

I'm sharing these looks so all you stylish Momma's out there can look and feel great! Just because you're having a baby, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your everyday look. Below are some adorable maternity/post pregnancy looks that will allow you to not only keep your flair for fashion, but will help you feel confident in your own skin. Enjoy!

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Casual Chic: This look is easy, comfortable and SUPER chic. If you're into the overall trend, but haven't made the plunge...just go for it! They accentuate or hide the belly (depending on what you're looking for) and create a simple, go-to outfit on casual days.  Looking for a cardigan to throw on to complete the outfit? Check out this one.

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Feminine & Flirty: If you don't have many feminine pieces in your wardrobe, there's no better time in your life, than when expecting, to add them in. There's something about being pregnant that makes you feel like so beautiful and womanly. Maybe it's that you have life growing inside you, but I feel like wearing a floral, feminine piece every single day. Could be just me, but I can't get enough prettiness. Loving the look? You'll want to try this Kimono or maxi dress.

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Free Flowin': There's no avoiding it, you're going to grow and expand everywhere. For days that you're not feeling that great physically, incorporate some flowy dresses and tops into your daily looks. Find ones that hit you in all the right places and try to avoid extremely oversized pieces. You might end up looking much bigger than you are and that definitely won't help your confidence. This look is also perfect for that post baby bod. If you're still feeling a bit icky about your midsection, a slightly oversized shift dress is essential.

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Sporty Chic: This is such a special time in your life, why wouldn't you want to show off your precious baby bump? When I saw this image, I thought to myself, She (Rachel Parcell) couldn't have accessorized this outfit any better. She has the trendy sneakers on, an amazing handbag and sunglasses that frame her face very well. On chillier days, you could also wrap a jean jacket around your waist, which will also add to the entire look. Love it. Shop a similar nautical dress here.

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Lady of the Night: A night out on the town is few and far between during this time in your life, but if duty calls, this outfit will definitely turn some heads. Pair a fitted dress, tailored jacket and a great pair of heels together and you're good to go! 

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Trendy: Looking for an easy item that's trendy and will complete your entire outfit? Sunglasses are your best friend whether your pregnant or bopping around the city with your new babe.

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Borrow from the Boyfriend: Toss on a loose fitting sweater and tuck it into a fitted skirt or high waisted trouser/denim/pants. Easy look for when you're tummy is not so tight. 


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Thanks for reading. Luv ya!

Kayla & Ashley xoxo


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