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Here at Fashiontruck Canada, we can't get enough of these Summer months! Days by the pool, the smell of sunscreen, the warm sun on your's all perfection. Well, the season is far from over, but with that said, we cannot wait to attend shopping parties as the Autumn leaves fall. Did you know that you can book the fashiontruck and host your own private shopping party at home? It's true. We even attend corporate, charity and public. If you wanted, we could literally roll right up to your place of employment and turn your work day into an afternoon or evening affair! Invite your friends, pour everyone a glass of wine and shop your little hearts out.

Interested? Well, you're in luck! We're currently booking Fall shopping parties right now and would love for you to book. Not sure what you're in for? You can check out all private shopping party details here. There's not much to it and the great thing is, there are endless perks for when you host a party. We travel to your home with no charge involved, we reserve a 3-4 hour time slot for you and your guests to shop the truck exclusively AND you receive a killer discount. Ten percent of all sales at the party go towards your (the host) own purchase. Amazing, right? If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, email and get the conversation going. We can book you a date for September, October, November and even December. You just let us know your availability, number of guests expected and we will do the rest. 


If that wasn't enough motivation, we will also be introducing some pretty great brands to the truck this Fall. As always, we will be carrying Seychelles shoes who have an incredible selection of ankle boots and footwear. Feast your eyes on a few styles from Seychelles that will be landing on the truck very soon....



Looking to stock up on quality sweaters, cardigans and knits for when the cooler weather hits? We have a gorgeous crop arriving soon from brands such as Lovestitch, Brunette the Label, Sanctuary, Heartloom and Lyla & Luxe. Expect a few orders of reliable & trendy denim from Black Orchid and Fidelity as well. After all, denim is a wardrobe staple for the Fall and this year's order is guaranteed to impress. Into the Athleisure trend? So are we...and Good hYOUman will be here before you know it. 

If you aren't familiar with the some of the new brands I've mentioned, I've included a bit about each company and what you can expect from their clothing lines. Enjoy!


Good hYOUman offers extremely comfortable clothing and unique accessories that make you feel good in your own skin. Bring your athleisure game to the next level with soft, quality athletic, versatile pieces. Available on the fashion truck now.

Heartloom is a brand based out of New York City that combines East Coast sophistication with a laid back West Coast style that embodies the modern bohemian sprit. Heartloom is known for casual, cool and modern pieces. You can expect Vintage inspired prints, delicate dresses and knitwear with unique details. Heartloom is all about feminine, eclectic clothing that is effortless yet polished, providing day-to-evening versatility. 

Sanctuary combines the laid back LA lifestyle and street style of New York, offering a unique design with a modernized take on vintage clothing. This brand is all about style, detail and high quality.

Booking your Fall Shopping Party with the Fashiontruck is just an email away! Contact and we'll see you soon!



Kayla & Ashley xoxo 

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