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Hello everyone, Kayla here! I don't know about you, but here at FTC, we really love our coffee. To be honest, I feel like I can't start my day until I've had a great cup of joe lol. Although the habit can really add up, it's definitely a daily reward I like to treat myself to. I mean, you only live once, right? Hopefully you're down, because for this week's blog post, I'm featuring the top five coffee spots in Toronto, YAY! I'm not talking what's popular or trendy right now, I'm talking quality cafe's that never seem to disappoint and deliver the best coffee the 6ix has to offer. If you're wondering how I've discovered the best of the best, trust me, I've put in the time and consumed the caffeine ;)



1. Colette

This regal café is not only my favourite spot in the city for a caffeine fix, it also doubles as a dining experience I save for the most special events in life. I've celebrated birthdays, job promotions and other milestones and I can honestly say there is no restaurant I love more. As I type this right now, I feel as though I'm on the set of a Nancy Meyers film. The french music that blends in the background, incredible offerings of coffee & snacks and overall calming atmosphere makes for an idyllic afternoon I always look forward to.


Three large rooms blend seamlessly; a café that wows you as you grab a latté to-go, a neutral seating area that's decorated with fresh flowers, art, marble and leather and an out-of-this-world dining room that serves some of the most incredible, decadent food I've ever had. For warmer days, they also have a gorgeous patio decked out with French Bistro chairs allowing you to sip on your delicious coffee, chat with friends and enjoy some people watching in the well-to-do area. This grande café will certainly set you back, but the specialty lattés and surroundings are worth every penny.


Recommendation: Iced Hazelnut Latté (Heaven in a glass) and a Birthday Cake Macaron


2. Dineen

Dineen is a wonderful café located in the belly of the beast, right at the corner of Yonge and Temperance. As soon as you walk thru the door, the stylish interior takes your breath away and almost immediately you're greeted by friendly barista's ready to take your order and whip up a specialty coffee just for you. Whether you order a large drip to go, or stay to enjoy a mocha or latté and a baked good, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the tranquility while the city moves around you. Dineen also has a selection of flavorful teas with herbal and caffeinated options. When you go in, be sure to try their signature Temperance blend, you'll never drink from a Keurig again! A total game changer.


Recommendation: Signature Temperance Blend



3. Maman

Maman is a family-inspired bakery with several locations in NYC and one in Toronto, right at First Canadian Place in the Financial District nestled between Bay and York. When you visit this wonderful bakery, expect a selection of baked goods, salads, desserts, GREAT coffee and a fully-stocked bar for when 5:00pm hits. Maman's coffee is from Brooklyn’s renowned Toby’s Estate and let me tell you, it is yummy! If you have a few minutes, feel free to take a load off! This place has lots of beautiful rustic tables and chairs and gorgeous decor to feast your eyes on. It's a relaxed, quiet spot and guaranteed to impress! A hot spot for sure.

Recommendation: Goat Cheese Quiche and a latté


4. Jimmy's Coffee

If you're a coffee snob, this is the place for you. The java is so powerful and delicious, it will have you going all day long, into the night. When you step into the place, intimidation plays a factor. Remember the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld? You better have your order ready and your cash in hand. There's no horse play or real ambiance at Jimmy's Coffee, but when you take that first sip, you know it's all about the bean. Take my advice, stock up on coffee grounds when you're there and enjoy the deliciousness in the comfort of your own home. Not the warmest of places, but has incredible coffee.

Recommendation: Classic Gourmet Coffee


5. Boxcar Social

If you need a kick start to your day or a good scotch/wine/beer après work, Boxcar Social is the place for you. Talk about quality coffee, OMG I love their pour overs so much! Whenever I'm Uptown, I make it a personal mission to stop in, take a seat on the stools and enjoy a beverage and chat with the cool bartenders. They're all very nice and know their beverages very, very well. A must-visit when you're a bit north of Bloor Street. Oh, and they have cheese & charcuterie boards that are bound to ease your hanger pangs after a long day at work, so order up and enjoy!


Recommendation: Pour over coffee, glass of scotch, cheese board.


Hope all you coffee lovers can visit each spot, they're all truly unique and amazing in their own way. Cheers, have a great weekend!


Kayla & the FTC team xoxo





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