2017 Trends We're Adoring

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If you're into fashion, you're probably going to be familiar with a couple of the trends that I'm sharing today. Have any of you splurged on certain styles that are projected to be the hottest this calendar year? Yeah, me too. Don't be too hard on yourself though, a lot of them will be sticking around for a while, so you'll get a lot of use out of whatever you purchased. That's the key, right? Well, that's what I tell myself and my husband, it keeps me out of trouble. ;)  Anyway, there are a couple of trends that surprised me a little bit, but I'm coming around on them. I'll let you decide which ones I'm referring to. If you'd like to get the conversation going on some fashion trends you're into or not really digging, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We love talking everything fashion and this year certainly has us inspired.
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I got a lot on my SHOULDERS

Remember back in the 80's when shoulder pads were cool? Well, hop into your time machine because over-the-top, voluminous shoulders are back in style! Yep, you heard me. The bigger the shoulders, the better! Also, keep watch for fun, flirty shoulder details. A lot of other 80's styles are also expected to creep back into street style and the runways, so prepare yourself, we'll be taking part in a real life throwback.
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Tickled Pink
I couldn't be happier about this 2017 trend. There's something about  soft pink that makes me feel SOOOO feminine and pretty. I feel  younger without having to try too hard....and as a 30-year old, I'm all about that! Lol. If you're not into the pastel colour, try mixing it into your wardrobe slowly, perhaps a silk scarf to tie around your neck? Or maybe a small clutch as you bop around the city? The soft aesthetic can really complete an every day look. Not into it? Want something with a bit more punch? You're in luck. 2017 will be filled with bright, fun, happy shades of pink. Rosé all day, girl!
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Stripes, stripes, stripes
Timeless, versatile and wearable. Stripes have been going strong season after season for decades, but expect to see stripes used in a bold way, whether it be an oversized sweatshirt or a tight knit dress.... killin it! Also, colour schemes will be more vibrant, bright and noticeable. This is a year where playing around with classics is not only accepted, but welcomed with open arms.
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Ruffles & Frills, all day, everyday***
Dresses, tops, skirts, sweaters.... 2017 will be overflowing with ruffles and flowy frills. Both styles scream romance and confidence. Get on board quick, or you'll be left behind!
If you're trying to guess which trends I'm really embracing and you guessed Ruffles and Pink, you are correct my friend! I'm so excited to incorporate these gorgeous looks into my everyday wear. So chic and glamorous. Love it!
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